On Sat, 22 Aug 2020 Jane Roberts wrote:

Dear BFO member

Many thanks to all those who attended Tuesday’s BFO Social catchup/update meeting.  17 of us met up via Zoom and chatted through plans and ideas for BFO rehearsals/concerts for the coming year 2020/2021.  Please find a summary attached of the information we discussed yesterday evening.

Spotify lists for Chris’s repertoire ideas are below and links to music for you to print will be circulated in advance of rehearsals.  If anyone is unable to print their music please contact Nicola (macrae.nicola@gmail.com) or Jane (cjaneroberts@ntlworld.com) and we will arrange for someone to print/deliver to you or print for you to collect.

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4Isf3fARY91hSiEavi85Tg?si=o9q-IUB7RqqaZLTlxxPdiQ - BFO Repertoire for Zoom/Hybrid rehearsals

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1g1ja2NajFWvbebcFjNQiI?si=OyfHpjdjTByXtT7heoazgQ - BFO coming back (for when we are able to meet back in person, but we may dip into these during Zoom rehearsals too)

The current plan is for BFO to begin rehearsals (via Zoom) on 8th September (7:30 – 9:30pm) using the same Zoom link we used last term (available from Jane).

However, amateur musical groups are now permitted to meet in person providing the venue is Covid-19 secure and certain conditions are met.  It is still not clear on the maximum number of people that can meet to rehearse indoors but Making Music (an organisation that BFO belong to and receive guidance from) is seeking clarification on this.  Nevertheless, it is clear that any “in-person” meetings must be organised with the necessary risk assessments/procedures to minimise risk to members.  A show of hands at Tuesday’s meeting indicated that several members would be keen to meet in person whilst others were unsure.  Chris and committee completely understand that everyone’s personal circumstances are different and that each member will need to make their own decision on this.  In anticipation of this, should BFO decide to meet in person at a Covid-secure venue (which initially may be smaller groups, probably not every week and may not be until later this year or next year) we would seek to live-stream the rehearsal so that anyone unable to attend (e.g. self-isolating, shielding, unwell, unable to travel) could still participate in the rehearsal online.

To help us understand members’ views on rehearsing “in person” and make the necessary provisions, we will seek feedback from each member when the guidance has been clarified.

Subscription rates for the autumn term will remain unchanged at £38 per term (or £9.50 per month)

a)       Please pay your subs either by Bank Transfer or Standing order (£9.50 monthly or £38 every 4 months) - these are our preferred payment options and bank details are below. If you are unable to pay by either of these methods, cheques can be posted to Gill Fletcher (Treasurer) (email her for her address). As before, there is no subscription fee for those in full-time education or on means-tested benefits. Also if anyone is experiencing financial difficulties at this time please contact Jane, in confidence, and we can come to some arrangement depending on your circumstances.  None of us want the subscription to be a barrier to participating in BFO rehearsals.

b)       Email Gill for our bank account number.  As a payee reference, please enter the name of your instrument.  If you want to pay by cheque please make them out to Bury St Edmunds Friendly Orchestra.  (Please do not make cheques out to BFO as these cheques are no longer accepted by the bank and are returned to Gill).

c)       Please also email Gill to say that you have sent your subscription. 

I look forward to seeing you all on 8th September. 

Best wishes,